Uncover Adriana Cernanova's Secrets with the Wonderbra Decoder

Use the Wonderbra Decoder to uncover Adriana's secrets, that's right kids QR Codes put to great use thanks to this creative use of Ms. Cernanova's assets. With the app You simply point your smartphone at Wonderbra ads, which include print, outdoor, video, and it lets you see beneath model Adriana Cernanova's clothing to her underwear. Considering the fact she's a professional underwear model, you're going to see sexy underwear. If your a fan of the model, you can see her giant sized WonderBra Ultimate Plunge billboard HERE.

Other than the use of the lovely Adriana there is nothing new here, it's very similar to what clothing retailer "MooseJaw" did last year with their X-Ray App. An augmented reality experience designed to work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog, see it in action below.

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