Killer Jeans Are Real Water Savers

A new print ad campaign for Killer Jeans claims to be a real "Water Saver". The ads include a bold statement that Water Saver Jeans save 80% of water, and thanks to doing so "I can water a nursery for an entire week, shower longer with my man, make infinite ice cubes for my MojitoPartay and provide water for an entire village in East Africa". The other two ads from the campaign created by the ad agency Karan Rawat, make similar statements about water and what you can do with it thanks to their jeans. Thumbs up to them if these are facts and not just more greenwashing.

Agency: Karan Rawat
Brand: Killer Jeans
Advertising Agency: Karan Rawat, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Directors: Karan Rawat, Rohit Malkani
National Creative Directors: Amit Akali, Malvika Mehra
Creative Directors: Shiv Parmeshwaran, Vijay Subramani
Art Directors: Karan Rawat, Suhas Panchal, Shiv Parmeshwaran
Copywriter: Karan Rawat, Arjun Kumar
Client Servicing: Ramiya Nambiar, Kamiya Wahi
Photographer: Prasad Naik
Stylist: Arjun Bhasin
Producer: Fusion Films
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