Sony Experia TV Ad Featuring "Follow" Music by the Crystal Fighters

McCann London has created a new TV and print campaign for Sony’s Xperia smartphone which can transfer music to a speaker or pictures to another phone with a single touch.

Through a series of vibrant, distinctive images, McCann demonstrates the possibilities of creating, sharing or listening to content via the product.

The two separate ads – one for music and one for pictures - features a cast of over a 100 people and was shot over seven days in Barcelona.

The soundtrack on the TV ads is “Follow” by UK band, the Crystal Fighters, who have built up a strong and active fan base. In addition, one of the campaigns features a special remix of the track by dubstep producer Benga.

Rachel Emms, Managing Director of McCann London says: “It was a very complex campaign to shoot and we recreated an entire around-the-world experience in Barcelona in the course of a week. It demonstrates really effectively how you can unleash music and photos and share them instantly.”

Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer at Sony Mobile says: “Xperia smartphones open the door to a world of imagination and we have created a vibrant campaign to show the possibilities of One-touch function, whether creating, sharing or listening to content.”

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