Harrods of London Get's Sexy With Ice Cream With New Advert

A new advert for the famous department store Harrods of London combines food and fashion to create an intriguing persona for the famous department store. The sexy ad above entitled "Style To Savour" features the Harrods Ice Cream Parlour and three lovely models, a lot of lips and of course ice-cream. Harrods better known for its luxury boutiques and culinary-chic cafes, the company is looking to expand its market of loyal customers by creating a timeless, “acquired” look that pairs well with fine dining, which according to industry expert, Brittany Mills, will help them in the long run:

Food and fashion are both an acquired taste and when a person likes a particular restaurant or designer, they are loyal for a lengthy amount of time. Fine food is not a fad or a trend and compliments that lifestyle of Harrods’ target buyers…I think Harrods will successfully be able to extend its reach by going after a complimentary industry that has a large, loyal following.

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