Party Training with Ron Allen for Björn Borg

Swedish fashion brand Björn Borg teamed up with online party and training enthusiast Ron Allen to launch their AW12 apparel collection with a hilarious spot, "Party Training."

Ron Allen launches a new revolutionary exercise program

Did you ever think about how hard it is to party and train at the same time? I did, and one day, I said to myself: Ron, what if you just remove the "or" between party or training? And WHAM! There it was: Partytraining. I'm your new PT -- your PARTYTRAINER!
See you on the dance floor!
Chaka chaka...Ron

The campaign is a collaboration between Björn Borg, Ron Allen, new innovative iOS app Loopcam (which most easily can be described as an Instagram for gifs), Swedish ad agency Made to Order and the digital agency Britny.
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